Travis Picking Live Stream, With Membership Details

Jul 13, 2020
In last Friday's Youtube live stream, I presented a steady-bass arrangement of the blues classic "Sitting On Top Of The World" and walked through a five-step process for taking a tune from basic melody to complete arrangement. This is the same process I teach every month in my Fingerstyle Five membership, and if you go to my Youtube channel to check out the playback, you'll find a link to download a PDF of the tab I created for that month's membership lesson.

Because there were a lot of questions about right-hand technique in the last session, I thought I would return to Youtube this afternoon to go through a similar process, but this time with the alternating-thumb approach. Join me at 2:30pm CST (Aussies, don't hate me – I'll do it later in my afternoon one of these days) for a lesson on how to learn, improvise on and arrange another recent Fingerstyle Five song, the blues standard "Baby Please Don't Go."

Baby Please Don't Go

Summer membership registration is currently open through tonight. If you're looking for a more organized way to practice, to improve your picking coordination, build your chord vocabulary, start improvising or just feel less dependent on tab and rote memorization, you can find out more at the link below. Check out the sample lessons, take a look at what current students have been working on, and see if the details sound right for you.

Details and Registration

More soon,