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learn the skills you need to play better fingerstyle blues guitar


Maybe you know a little Travis picking or you've started learning to play some steady-bass blues, but can't seem to keep your thumb in line, doing what it's supposed to do, or get your fingers coordinated with your thumb. Groove is about getting your right hand coordination and timing together. With a good groove, even the simplest things sound better!


Are you looking for new and different tunes to add to your list? Do you want to know to make standards like "Hesitation Blues" and "Deep River Blues" more interesting to play? From learning how to put a simple melody over a steady or alternating bass to creating complete arrangements, the ultimate goal is to build a personal repertoire of songs you really want to play.


Along with learning other people's arrangements and starting to create your own, you might be itching to move beyond memorizing other people's tab and playing by rote. If you'd like to be able to just sit down and make your own music, there are hands-on, step-by-step  practice tools to build your improvisation skills and learn to make music on the fly.

If you don't have a ton of time to practice, it's especially important to focus on what's going to help you the most, based on where you're at right now.

Trying to figure out what to practice and how much to practice it?

Figuring out how to get good is tricky. Having internet access to all the music and music instruction on the planet is amazing, but it also makes it even harder to know what to sit down and focus on.

Most guitar players I talk to have pretty clear aims: learn more songs, make those songs sound more interesting, learn to improvise.

If you’re already in a good practice groove, have a great teacher, or just prefer learning at your own pace, fantastic. If you’d like to build your blues repertoire, get weekly assignments directly addressing fingerstyle blues guitar matters like groove, voicings and improvisation, and join a growing community of like-minded musicians sharing and discussing their work, consider joining my monthly membership, The Fingerstyle Five.


Get to work on your groove, repertoire and improvisation skills right away with a dozen of my most popular Youtube lessons:

fingerstyle grooves
travis picking classics
fingerstyle improvisation

Ready for a little self-diagnosis?

If you're not sure what you need to work on first, try answering this ten-question quiz. You'll be asked to think about where you're at with your:

  • Right-hand coordination
  • Chord vocabulary
  • Fingerboard knowledge
  • Practice routine

And more –