Live Youtube Lesson & Membership Registration

Jul 10, 2020
I'll be returning to the airwaves this afternoon with a live Youtube lesson on playing the blues classic "Sitting On Top Of The World." The arrangement is one that I recently taught in my Fingerstyle Five membership, and I'll spend some time going over both a basic and advanced version of the song, using a steady bass approach in the key of A. I'll also attempt to shed some light on how to take an arrangement of just the basic tune and build it out into something more complete through a combination of licks and voicings up the neck, chord substitutions and improvisation. It starts at 2:30pm CST at the link below:

Sitting On Top Of The World

If this sort of approach interests you, I've also created a page that explains the membership in more detail, including some sample lessons and gallery of student videos from the past several months. Registration is currently open, from now through next Monday, July 14th, and you can find out a lot more about how the membership works here:

The Fingerstyle Five

More soon,