Last Call, Summer Registration

Jul 13, 2020

Summer registration for the Fingerstyle Five membership is closing tonight. If you're still interested, here are a few links to help you out. And if you've already determined the membership is not for you at this time, that's cool too. Just for making it to the bottom of this email, you'll get the answer to this riddle: "What's big, gray, and doesn't make a difference?" Here goes.

To see sample lessons, check out some student videos, and find out how the weekly lessons are organized, go here:

The Fingerstyle Five Explained

If you've read all you need to and just want a link to sign up, go here (you can use Paypal or Stripe):

Sign Up

To learn how to work on your right hand coordination, start building your own arrangements, and hear me answer questions about the membership, here are the playbacks of today's and last Friday's Youtube live streams:

"Baby Please Don't Go" (Alternating Thumb)

"Sitting On Top Of The World" (Steady Bass)

That's all I got. Oh, except for the answer to the riddle.

What's big, gray and doesn't make a difference?


Don't worry. I rarely tell jokes in the membership forum.

More soon,