Two New Courses!

Nov 10, 2020

A couple of months ago, I mentioned I was working on making a downloadable version of my Youtube series, Six Steps To Playing Fingerstyle Blues In E. I'm pleased to say it's now available! In the interest of clarity, I've renamed it Six Steps To Playing Steady Bass Blues In E. More importantly, this course now has an all-new PDF featuring newly edited notation and tab for every example in all six lessons. And, of course, you can download all the videos, which means you can work on it whenever, wherever, and however you like.

Six Steps To Playing Steady Bass Blues In E is available now for an introductory price of $27. You can read more about it, watch the first lesson, and purchase it here:

Six Steps To Playing Steady Bass Blues In E

For the past year, I've been holding monthly in-depth live streams on a variety of topics as part of my Fingerstyle Five membership. They're consistently one of the most popular aspects of the membership, and the ones that have dealt with chord voicings and chord substitutions have been among the most enthusiastically received.

The fact that not everyone is interested in or able to commit to a monthly program was a big part of my decision to start developing downloadable lessons like the new Six Steps course. It also occurred to me that some people who can't do the membership might still want to attend an in-depth live stream. So this coming weekend, I'm offering my first stand-alone online workshop, Chord Substitutions And How To Use Them.

The Six Steps course is for anyone looking to get started in the steady bass style. Chord Substitutions And How To Use Them, on the other hand, is aimed more towards intermediates. If you're comfortable playing a few choruses of steady bass blues in E but are looking for new chords, licks and ideas to add into the mix in a thorough and organized way, you can find out more about the workshop at the link below. This two-hour class will run from 10:30am to 12:30pm CST this Saturday, November 14.

Registration is $47, and includes:

  • an advance copy of the tab for the workshop
  • two hours of streaming instruction
  • a live chat window for asking questions during the workshop
  • access to playback of the entire stream for the next three months

You can learn more about the workshop and sign up at the link below:

Chord Substitutions And How To Use Them

Finally, after a lengthy absence from the airwaves, I'm back with a new Youtube lesson. If you want to get down to fundamentals and work on switching from chord to chord in the steady bass style, check out the first lesson in my new series, One Thing About Fingerstyle Blues:

One Thing About Changing Bass Notes

Whew! All this, and I just discovered Charlie Hunter. But that's a discussion for another time.