There's Pie...

Nov 27, 2020

The current Letter goes to press
Post gustatory-type excess
Yet in the fridge, for now at rest
There's pie

Another Youtube lesson's done
This time with blues licks neatly spun
To fit a I VI II V I
Go try:

Blues Licks Over I VI II V In E

While checking out these latest moves
Some diagramming may improve
The video, and make the grooves
More clear

So if you want to go and grab
A PDF with all the tab
Straight from the Fretboard lesson lab
It's here:

Get The Tab

When typing, one must concentrate
And not upon the things one ate
Or where the pie, and fork, and plate
Still lurk

P.S. there are just two more days
To get your very own replay
Of my chord workshop – here's the way
It works:

Chord Substitutions And How To Use Them – Replay Access