The Dominant Dozen (Rescheduled)

Apr 04, 2020
My friend Jim Henry has a book called 50 Pro Tips For Musicians. It is, in fact, a really good book, with an even better subtitle: "Practical Advice For An Impractical Business." Personally, at the moment, I have just one salient piece of advice to offer, musician-to-musician: If, during a move, you set aside a bunch of small, essential items from your desktop to personally hand-carry out of your studio in a dedicated container, do try and remember the location of that container when it's time to set up the new place, and maybe don't wrap it in a trash bag to keep it dry in the garage, at least not without affixing some kind of big, obvious label to it to distinguish it from all the other random boxes and bags in said garage.

Not that this has ever happened to me. Except maybe once, and that was yesterday. Turns out it's a bit of a challenge to operate a successful webcast when your headphones, computer mouse and oh yes, webcam are AWOL. Fortunately, I did ultimately solve the mystery of the mislaid gear, so yesterday's postponed Youtube stream on Chords Up The Neck is now rescheduled for 4pm CST this afternoon (Saturday, April 4th).

You can check it out at the link below:
The Dominant Dozen (Rescheduled)

Live on Youtube • 4pm CST • Saturday, April 4

I'll be talking about a logical way to find the dominant 7th chords you need, anywhere on the neck, and demonstrate some ways to apply them to steady-bass and alternating-thumb blues in A. And I'll have a link to a downloadable PDF of the voicings I'm using in the lesson. Hope to see you there!

More soon,