Tableau For Galoot And World Events

Mar 19, 2020
I'm writing this from the front porch of the Fretboard residence while our big fluffy galoot of a dog and I dig the early spring weather and keep our social distance from any and all passers-by. (I do the Queen Wave, she barks and runs around a lot. Everyone's playing to their strengths.)  It may be only a matter of time before travel between home and my studio is off limits, and anyway, the building's just been sold and we're all scattering one by one to new environs. Knowing this, I piled into the place yesterday and shot a small boatload of new lessons, which I'll now edit and otherwise deal with from the home front, in between other important activities like helping my family binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and doing my counterpoint homework at the upright in the living room.

Nobody really knows quite what to make of the situation, and that includes me and my many musician friends. Even writing this letter, I'm of two minds. It seems absurd not to acknowledge what's going on in the world, but I know the reason I keep tuning in to the things I tune into is because with the steady drone of news throughout the day, I need to think about something else for at least a little while. In general, I try to keep my delusions of grandeur down to a dull roar, but I'm aware that when push comes to shove, what I do here with this letter and on my YouTube channel functions just this side of the entertainment/education divide. I consequently see my job for the time being as providing a place to keep thinking about the thing everyone here presumably finds some combination of joy and escape in, namely, guitar music and how to play it.

So for the foreseeable future, I'll keep the lessons coming, accompanied by the usual polysyllabic jive. I'll continue with my plans to re-open registration for my Fingerstyle Five membership in April. And this week, I'm starting a new YouTube series on Travis picking the blues. The first lesson, available now, is called Improvising With Chord Hits. You can check it out at the link below:

Improvising With Chord Hits

And, as a subscriber, you can download the tab here (no need to re-enter your email address):

Get The Tab

That's it for now. I hope this finds you safe and healthy, wherever you are.

More soon,