So Not A Marketing Email

Apr 14, 2020
Word on the street is you can't make an omelette without shattering a few eggshells. Inside the sanitized cocoon that is the Fretboard residence, we know this to be true, because omelettes are one of those foods which pass over our children's palates on a fairly regular basis. I also contend that you can't make a great pizza without dropping a few f-bombs, particularly when the dough won't quite shimmy off the peel onto the pizza stone as planned, but on this one, Ms. Fretboard has, shall we say, respectfully contrasting views.

It is likewise accepted wisdom that one can't, for lack of more civilian lingo, launch a new product without losing one's share of subscribers to promotion fatigue. My Fingerstyle Five membership has, of course, been open for signups lo, these past five days. Registration closes tonight, which means if you don't sign up in the next eight hours, it'll be nothing but cold porridge and free Youtube videos for you until the next time enrollment opens. Which is typically every six months. 

Or, as Daffy Duck might have put it in that Robin Hood cartoon: your last chance for this approacheth, so if thou wanteth to learn this thort of thing, thign up now.

If you're here on this mailing list, I know it's just because you dig playing the guitar, and learning to get better at it. So I really try and keep the hustle down to a dull roar. The first time I made the Fingerstyle Five available, one of my now-members wrote:

"Please resist the temptation to read whatever 'How to Grow an Online Guitar Empire' publication so many others have adopted."

I decided to interpret this in most optimistic light possible, to mean that I still sounded relatively human, and had managed to not come across as a full-time hustler...yet. Because I would like to believe that's true, because I harbor no delusions that my teaching is for everyone, and because I respect the notion that what you choose to invest your energy in is entirely your own business, I will simply articulate here the three reasons you might want to spend some time in the Fingerstyle Five:
  1. You're into fingerstyle blues, and want to know how to improve your right-hand coordination and groove
  2. You already have a repertoire of fingerstyle blues tunes, and want to start creating your own arrangements and improvising on them
  3. You want to know what you should be working on to get better, and in what order to begin working on it.
If any of those reasons rocks your world, consider doing the membership. It's $20/month for all of the streaming content, downloadable PDFs and access to the private forum. Plus, if you join now (did I just say "If you join now"???) you'll also gain access to:
  • a six-month archive of songs, exercises and live-online replays, including arrangements of "House of the Rising Sun," "Crow Jane," and original blues instrumentals available nowhere else
  • Core Content, more than a dozen video lessons on groove, voicings and other essential fingerstyle concepts
  • My slightly unhinged but highly informative series of Music Theory lessons, designed to take you from zero theory knowledge (I mean zero) to knowing why modes and dominant 7th chords mean what they do.
All this for the low, low price of...well, you get the idea.

I'd like to say this is the last you'll hear from me about this, but I'm logistically obliged to fire off at least two more emails about this before the stroke of midnight (well, midnight EST). And they might not be as entertaining as this one, so if you're thinking this might be for you, the signup link is below. It works with both Stripe and Paypal, and it costs less, less than buying a new G7 capo every month. No, that's not it. Ah...less than putting gas in your tank once a – no, you have to do that. Um...well, it costs the same thing as one of those sites that offers you hundreds of songs and lessons all the time, but because we're only doing one song a month, your head won't explode, and you'll have a better chance of gradually getting better at the thing you really want to do rather than spending all your time feeling hopelessly overwhelmed and inadequate because you haven't mastered "Eruption," "Freight Train," the G Superlocrian scale, Flamenco music and that chord melody to "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" all in one week. Isn't it worth $20 a month not to have your head explode?

Ok, that's it, I'm done marketing for this afteroon. Here's the link, and if you don't care to sign up, we'll still be pals, because I have just as much fun writing these emails and making those Youtube videos as I do running the membership.

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