Last Call For The Fingerstyle Five

Apr 14, 2020
According to my friend Tim, there was a college professor in the William Patterson jazz program who began every sentence with the word "Dig." As in,

"Dig – now, if you're playing over a minor seventh chord in bar two..."

I've always wanted to adopt this as my own verbo-pedagogical signature, but have never felt I had quite the bebop gravitas to pull it off. Still, I do employ it on occasions when emphasis is called for. (Also, I'm totally going to name my first book of jazz criticism "Bebop Gravitas." Or our next cat.)

So – dig: In one hour, registration for The Fingerstyle Five, my monthly online membership, will close. That means if you don't sign up by 11pm CST tonight (12 midnight Eastern), you won't have another chance to join until next fall. I can't imagine I need to explain any further what the membership is about; this email is just a final reminder that if you've been meaning to sign up, but haven't gotten around to it yet, now's the time. Here's the link. If you decide to join us, I look forward to seeing you in the membership tomorrow!

Click Here To Sign Up

Dig – more soon,