Improvisation Replay: Last Call

Dec 19, 2020

Registration for the replay of my recent Improvisation workshop closes tonight! Get all the details and sign up below:

Improvisation: How To Create Great Solos From Scratch

If you're still on the fence – here's what a few folks who took part have to say about it:

"Forty minutes in, and I have to say that in 35 years of playing, I’ve never thought to break the blues down the way you have here." - Mike B.

"I started looking at some of the questions being asked and realized.. yeah I'm in way over my head. But after class I realized there is a ton of useful information even for a beginner like me. It might be a more advanced class but you went over so many of the fundamentals and building blocks of playing the blues that made it totally worthwhile." – Art J.

"Your recent online lessons on chord substitution and improvisation are phenomenal. Your breath of knowledge is incredible. Hopefully I can inculcate some of that information into my brain without having a cerebral hemorrhage." – David B.

If you want to combine blues, swing and jazz licks on the blues in E, start playing without tab, and make each lick feel like it's part of a greater whole, find out more about the workshop at the link below. You'll get three months' access to the complete video replay, and all of the downloadable PDFs:

Improvisation: How To Create Great Solos From Scratch