Dog and Pony Show (Sans Pony)

Mar 29, 2021

Best not to honk one's own horn, is the prevailing attitude espoused by most in this modern era. There are always, of course, the notable non-espousers: Muhammad Ali, for example (who at least had the chops to back up said honking), and Ted Nugent, who, back when he confined his remarks to the subject of music, once stirred up a hornets' nest by opining in the pages of Guitar Player, "I would say I've got the best f*cking phrasing of any guitar player in America." Honnnnnnnk.

So I won't bust out a cadenza on the virtues of my own teaching, because that's just impossibly gauche. But I will let my students do it. A number of them attended yesterday's Q&A live stream on Youtube, and as people dropped questions into the chat about the value of joining the Fingerstyle Five, here are a few of the responses they got from current members:

"I came in with some basic Travis picking skills and wanted more. I've been in for one year, amazing transformation to my playing and musicianship. So worth it." – Gary S.

"I highly recommend it." – Mike D.

"For me the best thing about the membership is it makes me actually work on it. And David makes sure I get the most out of my work." – Guido B.

"I have been a member since the beginning in September 2019 and can't say enough good things about the membership and David's teaching style. I have made great progress and learned a ton. The biggest thing is I have now been able to start to improvise and pick up the embellished version rather quickly, despite barely being able to get through the fundamental version when I started." – Bruce B.

"I've tried many different instructors...David is THE top dog! Well worth the 20 bucks a month." – Russell C.

Well, maybe Deputy Dog. Registration is open through Wednesday, and I've posted all the particulars in various emails already, but if you'd like to catch a replay of yesterday's virtual tour of the membership (complete with The Amazing Five Minute Tablature Glitch, not to be missed), you can find it here:

Tour of the Membership