Blues Composition Registration Closes Tonight

Nov 12, 2019
I'm pleased to report I managed to get my eight-bar blues written with fourteen seconds to spare at this afternoon's Zoom session. I even managed to write a contrasting bridge, and so technically wrote an entire 32-bar instrumental in the allotted time. That's less than a minute per measure, if you're keeping score at home. You can watch a replay of this daredevil feat at the link below, and as a certain now-discredited host of a popular 1970s Saturday morning cartoon used to point out, "you might learn something before we get done...hey, hey, hey..."

After that, I answered some questions about the format of the upcoming Workshop, so there's more information about that towards the end of the replay as well. If you're thinking of joining me for the Fingerstyle Blues Composition class, registration is closing at 11pm CST tonight. Right now, I'm off to meet the rest of the Fretboards for some restorative enchiladas – even pedagogical capitalists have to eat sometime. But they also check their email on a regular basis, so if you drop me a line in the next few hours, I'll send you a registration link so you can sign up.

8-Bar Blues Zoom Replay

More soon,