Blues Changes Workshop FAQs

May 21, 2021

I've had some questions come in about tomorrow's Blues Changes workshop and I thought I'd take a moment and address them here in case you had one of these questions as well.

1. Do you have any examples of the material you'll be teaching in the workshop?

If you go to the registration and information page for the workshop, you'll find a seven-minute video at the top right in which I play through a chorus of blues in the style I'll be teaching, then outline some of the key concepts and approaches I'll be going over through the course of the workshop itself:

2. Does this workshop repeat material you've already gone over in the Fingerstyle Five membership?

I will be outlining some essential information about form and phrasing, which I also discuss regularly in the membership, but the main material will be licks and ideas I have come up with specifically for this workshop.

3. Is the price of this workshop ($47) included as part of membership in the Fingerstyle Five?

No, it's a separate event from the Fingerstyle Five content. I originally created this workshop series as a one-off alternative for people who weren't interested in committing to an ongoing program. Ironically, I now see many Fingerstyle Five folks signing up for the monthly workshops in addition to their participation in the membership. It seems unlikely that I could be that pedagogically irresistible, but perhaps it has something to do with the fourth dimension.

4. I can't be there on Saturday. Will the workshop be available to watch after the event?

Yes, the workshop will be recorded, and there will be a replay available immediately afterwards, which you can watch as many times as you want for the next three months. If you can't attend live, just register using the same signup form, and watch the replay whenever it's convenient for you.

5. Why only three months' access to the replay?

I've priced these workshops like I would a comparable in-person clinic. You only get to watch an event like that once, and all you get to take away from it are your notes, your recollections and maybe a couple pages of photocopied handouts. By comparison, when this workshop is over, you'll have up-close, well-shot video of the entire workshop at your fingertips for the next three months. You can use that time to watch, rewatch, rewind, take notes and practice along with the examples. And after that, you'll still have permanent access to the eighteen page downloadable PDF with all my slides from the presentation and clean, easy-to-read notation and tab of every example I've taught in the workshop. If you can be there for the actual live stream, I'm usually able to answer nearly every individual question that comes in via the chat window before the workshop ends, and I continue to answer questions about the material in a Comments section in the days after the live stream is over. All for less than the price of a single private lesson from a good local teacher.

Again, for a video example of what I'll be teaching, more details, and how to sign up, visit the link below:

And if you still got questions, just drop me a line, and I'll do my best to answer you before tomorrow morning!