Nov 12, 2019
The summer my friend Victoria worked at the Sirius Community in western Massachusetts, her boss routinely answered the phone: "Sirius! No kidding." As a guy whose last name routinely draws well-intended if sub-par repartee from the employees of various utility companies, I applaud this proactive approach. And I don't even like to use the word "proactive."

So for today's live Zoom session, I'll walk through how you can create your own instrumental eight bar blues in – Siriusly – twenty minutes. And then, I'll answer any questions you've got about the content and/or logistics of my upcoming Fingerstyle Blues Composition Workshop.

The free 45-minute Zoom session starts at 2pm CST. Click here to sign up:

How To Write an Eight Bar Blues in Twenty Minutes

More soon,


P.S. Registration for the upcoming Workshop ends tonight at 11pm CST. If you're on the fence for one reason or another, you can drop me a line with your questions, too. Or if you're ready to sign up, email me directly for a registration link and any discounts that might apply.