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Does this sound familiar?

  • You don't know what to work on to get better
  • You play the same songs, the same way, over and over
  • You don't really understand what you're playing or why it works

The clear, well-organized monthly lessons in the Fingerstyle Five membership have helped hundreds of guitarists just like you play better fingerstyle blues

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Less Noise. More Progress.

Stop Wasting Time

Replace those random internet lessons with step-by-step videos and tab that guide you through an entire tune from start to finish

Simplify Your Practicing

Always know what to work on next, how it fits with what you've just learned, and why it will help you play better

Get Better Faster

Improve your right-hand coordination, learn to improvise and create your own arrangements with clear, song-based lessons

Your practice time is valuable.

Most of us feel lucky to find an hour – or less – each day to spend with our guitar. You deserve to spend that time on focused, effective lessons that will show you how to play the way you've always wanted to.

Miquel P.

"I can't believe what I've learned; it's more than I ever expected...and now every lesson, every song, every day I find easier."

Johnny F.

"Well-prepared and organized, clear, concise and patient. David's approach to improvisation has provided me with a foundation for real improvement."

Bill Z.

"Learning the monthly songs is so much deeper than just how to play the notes. I play blues better now because i understand what I'm playing and how it fits together."

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Learn to Play Better Fingerstyle Blues

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Get immediate access to over fifty hours of lessons and workshops.

Get Organized Lessons

Take each song from start to finish with consistent, step-by-step lessons

Start Playing Better

Hone new skills at your own pace while building your repertoire.

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Take The Guesswork Out Of How To Get Good

The Fingerstyle Five is for blues guitarists who want to do more than just play the notes.  You probably know that a stronger groove, better practice habits and a working understanding of how to improvise would give you a deeper, more personal connection with your guitar and help you sound the way you've always wanted to.

But it's one thing to know how you want to play, and another to find someone to show you how. The internet is awash in random, one-off lessons and  unreliable tab. There are good lessons out there too, but they tend to focus on playing note-for-note versions of prewar blues standards. Information on improvising is generally aimed only at electric guitar players, and almost no one has any advice on how to actually practice any of this. There's nothing more frustrating than getting clear about what you want to learn, carving out the time and committing to showing up, only to feel confused about what to work on and unsure if it's even going to help.

It shouldn't be so hard to find good, organized fingerstyle guitar lessons that take your passion for learning seriously and provide a clear, step-by-step path to playing better blues guitar. That's why The Fingerstyle Five doesn't overwhelm you with hundreds of songs and thousands of lessons in multiple styles of music. It's for people who want to focus on building a repertoire of fingerstyle blues instrumentals one song at a time, while honing the right-hand coordination and improvisation skills to play them as musically as possible.

If you're serious about becoming a better fingerstyle blues guitarists, join the  membership now using the form below. You'll get immediate access to all the lessons and live streams for this month's song, plus an archive with over fifty hours of lessons, workshops and more. Get started with your first lesson right away, work at your own pace, and move on when you're ready for more.

Sign up now to stop spinning your wheels on disorganized lessons that don't help you get better, and start learning to play fingerstyle blues with confidence, control and creativity.

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There is no long-term commitment when you join The Fingerstyle Five. Sign up now for $29/month, pay monthly, and cancel at any time.


Playing better starts with figuring out what to work on and how to work on it. Download this free PDF and learn ten ways to make the best use of your valuable practice time.

Download The PDF


Playing better starts with figuring out what to work on and how to work on it. Download this free PDF and learn ten ways to make the best use of your valuable practice time.

Download The PDF