Hard Bop & Boogaloo

This third unit of The Practicing Blues Guitarist provides a concise, specific path to sounding funky and sophisticated on the blues. To get the bluesy bebop feel of musicians like Grant Green and George Benson under your fingers, and sound hip and articulate over dominant 7th chords wherever you want on the neck, read on.

Hard Bop, the soulful back-to-basics jazz of the 1950s and '60s, encompasses everyone from Kenny Burrell and Grant Green playing the blues and the organ combo swing of Jimmy Smith, to Blue Note album grooves by Art Blakey and Horace Silver, and early George Benson. Hard Bop And Boogaloo shows you how to play the changes over dominant 7th chords, gives you the tools to travel the entire fingerboard, and reveals how to keep things funky and soulful while adding bebop sophistication to your solos. You'll learn new scale fingerings, licks and lines, and get specific, hands-on ways to practice improvising, expand your vocabulary and fuel your creativity.


In these fourteen lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • create more expressive, sophisticated solos with blues and bebop contrast
  • use the "George Benson Move" to anticipate the chord changes and create momentum in your solos
  • Use four positions of the Swing Scale to play the changes on the blues all over the neck

Hard Bop And Boogaloo includes 14 video lessons, pdf scale diagrams and selected tab, and custom jam tracks to practice to. All streaming videos, jam tracks and pdfs are also downloadable and belong to you forever.

Here are the topics covered in 100 minutes of video. You can watch lesson 7 in its entirety above to get a feel for the material and how it's presented.

  1. The Third Position
  2. Contrast In The Third Position
  3. Hard Bop Licks
  4. Hard Bop Lick B
  5. Hard Bop Lick C
  6. Hard Bop Lick D
  7. Resolutions On The Turnaround
  8. V-IV-I Boogaloo Resolutions
  9. Boogaloo Blues Licks
  10. Four Ways to Contrast the Blues & The Changes
  11. Harmonic Anticipations
  12. The Alternative Third Position
  13. Charlie Christian IV Chord Licks
  14. Climbing and Descending the Neck

When you purchase the course, you have immediate access to all of the lesson material, and can download, stream and study all of it at whatever pace suits you best. By going in-depth into dominant 7th licks, bebop and blues contrast and mixing multiple positions of the swing scale, Hard Bop and Boogaloo unlocks the sound of soul jazz and hard bop blues, gives you a road map to take your licks all over the fingerboard, and prepares you for the diminished and altered sounds covered in unit 4, Jazz Blues Changes.

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